Custom music

In this post we will explain how you can get custom music for your event, and what are the benefits of doing so.

  • Something original: 

One of the actions you can develop in your event or convention is to have music made for it or even that a singer-songwriter composes a song specifically for the occasion and that is interpreted live at the end of the day. 

Surely you have attended many events in which a cartoonist is painting everything that happens live so that at the end it ends up being a picture or illustration summary of everything that has happened. 

We propose you to go one step further. 

A musician who specializes in improvisation and who, previously, will have soaked up all the necessary information about your brand, company and objective of the day, will attend your event as an audience and write a song inspired by everything that happens at the event: 

The speakers’ speeches, the objective of the event, the intervention of the attendees, anecdotes that happen during the day and the most important thing that you want to highlight.

At the end of the event, the musician performs the newly written song or custom music in front of the entire audience. The benefits of this action for your company or brand are many, but here is a summary of the most important ones

  • You get very original and different audiovisual material that you can use in your social networks or for your subsequent marketing actions
  • You raise your spirits by setting the bar for your next event very high
  • You will get the desired wow effect that we all look for when we perform an action of this type
  • You facilitate the networking that is usually generated after the events
  • You will get a unique event or a very catchy day’s work that will stay in the retina and in the memory of your guests for a long time.

Music for events makes the difference in brand promotion

There are companies that hired the services of a DJ to create a corporate song for them. A kind of psychological advertising through music for brands that you will always remember, even if the years go by. And for that nothing better than live music for events.

Live music for events

The fact that a company hires a music group or dj for the organization of an advertising event is already quite widespread because of the great result it brings, attracting many people. With this kind of corporate events you will always remember that special day with the products of that brand, so at some point you will end up resorting to them.

It is a very effective brand promotion system that is usually held on company anniversaries or commercial festivities where many companies come to show their brand and what they offer. This means an increase in sales in the short or long term.

If you own a company and you are thinking about how to promote it, we have already given you an idea to do it. A custom music for events will not leave anyone indifferent, so it will be one hundred percent effective.